Zero to Software Architect
Learning Track

Starting from Zero to Designing Web-Scale Distributed Applications Like a Pro

The Zero to Software Architect learning track educates you step by step on software architecture, cloud infrastructure and distributed system design, starting right from zero. This unique learning track takes you right from having no knowledge on the domain to making you a pro in designing web-scale distributed systems like YouTube, Netflix, ESPN and the like.

The Track Consists of Three Courses

Web Application and Software Architecture 101

Cloud Computing 101 - Master the Fundamentals 

Design Modern Web-Scale Distributed Applications Like a Pro

The first course in the learning track, Web Application and Software Architecture 101, makes you a master of web architecture fundamentals. It walks you through different components that are involved when designing the architecture of a web application. You'll understand the techniques of picking the right architecture and the technology stack to implement a use case, including the technology trade-offs involved—further details on the course page.

Web architecture 101 course cover

The second course, Cloud Computing 101 - Master the Fundamentals, is a platform-agnostic cloud course that helps you understand the underlying infrastructure on which distributed applications run. You'll gain insight into how services are deployed in different cloud regions and availability zones globally, how multiple server nodes in a cluster communicate with each other, how microservices scale in containers, code deployment workflow and much more—further details on the course page.

Cloud 101 course cover

The third, which is also the last course in the learning track, Design Modern Web-Scale Distributed Applications Like a Pro, helps you understand the criticality of understanding application data and data access patterns when designing distributed systems. You'll also learn different data models, the techniques and intricacies of scaling databases, distributed transactions, handling concurrent traffic and more. 

Applying these concepts and those discussed in the above two courses, we then design web-scale distributed services like ESPN, Netflix, New York Times and more—further details on the course page

Distributed Systems design
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